When To Start Teaching Your Child Arabic

“When to start teaching your child Arabic?” is a common question. My answer is, before the child is born, they are ready to memorise the Quran and as soon as they are beginning to talk, they are ready to learn Arabic. Yes, believe it or not!

Studying Suratul Adiyat to demonstrate the vivid descriptions in the Quran
Picture by my 15 year old.

The Quran is in Arabic. The more the child listens to the Quran the easier it is for them to pronunce the Arabic letters. The child absorbs what they hear right from when they are in their mother’s womb. Therefore, that is an excellent time for the mother to read a loud and listen to a lot of Quran. Listening to the Quran before birth sets the scene for Arabic. After all, we learn Arabic to be able to read and understand the Quran.

My fifth pregnancy was a very tiring one. I was so tired that I spent lot of my day sitting or sleeping in an arm chair in front of my patio door looking onto the garden. And since I was enrolled on an online course for Quran memorisation, I had the Quran on a table next to the chair. Whenever I sat I would revise and memorise aloud. When Y was born he would only be soothed by hearing the Quran. Whenever he cried I would put on or read Quran to him and he would calm down almost always. I wish I knew that before my previous children were born!

The Quran should play a big role in the child’s life from the minute they are born. Playing Juzz Amma was part of my children’s bed time routine. Juzz Amma was on a loop and it started from the time trying to put them to sleep, through the night, till the time they woke up. You will be surprised by how much children absorb while they sleep and how much of that came out on their tongues when they start talking. My second child was playing when all of a sudden he started reciting Suratu Teen from beginning to end and we hadn’t even started memorsing Quran. But he was memorising. When he was asleep his brain was absorbing all that he was hearing. Juzz Amma was also playing in the car and we were out alot in the car. It brings such joy when you see your children recite Quran while they are playing.

So before the child could even talk, they are exposed to the Quran. As soon as the child is able to say a few words, they are ready to learn to read Arabic.

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