Quranic Arabic

The Language of the Quran Curriculum, لُغَةُ القُرانِ   is a complete structured curriculum that helps you to understand the Quran as well as use it on daily basis. It starts off with simple words, moving onto structured sentences and then text, all using Quranic Arabic vocabulary. It uses Quranic vocabulary in engaging meaningful whole texts. 

Features of لُغَةُ القُرانِ curriculum:

  • Grammar points are in red to aid understanding and remembrance.
  • Grammar points are explained visually at the top of the page, where applicable.
  • Texts and words are written with tashkeel (vowels) to aid reading.
  • The curriculum is designed like “building bricks” where the new language builds on the previously learnt language. This makes learning easy and fun as you see your Arabic language develop.
  • With each unit there is a story with comprehension questions and activities to help with reading, writing and understanding. There is also a video to help you use the vocabulary and grammar of the unit by listening and speaking using Quranic language in practical everyday basis.
  • The language is re-enforced by constant repetition in different ways using all four language skills – reading, writing, listening and speaking.
  • The worksheets have lots of opportunities to practice the language learnt in that unit.
  • Revision of previously used language is throughout the curriculum.
  • At the end of most of the units there are ayaat from the Quran containing the vocabulary learnt for you to connect with the Quran and use these ayaat as reference.

This curriculum is suitable for:

💡Non-natives who want to understand the Quran and use Quranic arabic in their everyday lives.
💡Primary schools to use as their main arabic subject with the aim of understanding the Quran.
💡Those who want to learn arabic in a step by step approach and bitesize building blocks.
💡Those who don’t know arabic and want to start from scratch.
💡Those who can read the Quran but don’t understand what they read and want to be able to understand it.

🌟Although it is designed for children, adults can easily learn alongside their children.

Full Arabic Emmersion

To fully benefit from learning Arabic, you must be emmersed in it. Therefore, the English translation of the Arabic vocabulary is provided at the beginning of each unit to help understanding, while grammar is learnt in Arabic using visual aids and through the text to show how it is used. Written exercises are used to further practice and re-enforce your understanding and usage of the vocabulary and the grammar. At the end each unit are ayaat from the Quran, with the vocabulary learnt in red to check understanding and to invite Quranic referencing, searching as well as contemplation.

We strongly believe in use to understand. In order to understand the Quran and retain this understanding, Quranic Arabic must be understood and used in daily sentences. This is exactly what لُغَةُ القُرانِ does.

 لُغَةُ القُرانِ curriculum is in levels

The previous level must be completed before moving onto the next level because the language in each level is built upon the previous level. Also, you must be able to read Arabic in order to follow this curriculum.

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