لُغَةُ القُرانِ Level 1, Unit 3: The Arabingo Game


The Arabingo Game, a printable PDF, is an exciting way to practice reading, sentence and picture matching and comprehension using the bingo game format. It covers Quranic vocabulary for some family members, Quranic adjectives and some of the fruit and vegetables mentioned in the Quran. Therefore, it fits in well in The Language of the Quran Curriculum, لُغَةُ القُراَنِ , after studying the first three units of level 1 (لُغَةُ القُرانِ Level 1, Unit 1: Yusuf and his family , لُغَةُ القُرانِ Level 1, Unit 2: I love my family,  لُغَةُ القُرانِ Level 1, Unit 3: Yusuf and his mother at the market and you want to re-enforce the language structure used in an enjoyable way.

You can play it many times, and each time you learn a different language structure. It includes:

  • How to ask yes/no questions,
  • How to ask and answer questions using that is
  • Form simple affirmative and negative sentences,
  • Word gender

….  And much more.

It comes with 3 boards containing a total of 75 different pictures, 75 different sentence cards and covering cards. It can be played by 3 individual players or 3 pairs. Give each player an Arabingo board. In the middle, place the sentence cards in a pile and the covering cards in a separate pile. Each player picks up a sentence card, reads it and sees their Arabingo board to match the sentence/question to a picture conveying the meaning of that sentence/question. If a match is found, cover the picture on the Arabingo board with a covering card taken from the covering card pile and shout: فِزْتُ بِـهِذِهِ الصُورَةِ to mean “I won this picture”. The winner is the one who covered all their pictures on their Arabingo board first.

Alternatively, it can be played the bingo format where one person reads a sentence/question at a time and the Aribingo board holders try to find the picture that matches the meaning of the read sentence/question. The player who found the matching picture shouts:   فِزْتُ بِـهِذِهِ الصُورَةِ .

So buy it and have fun playing it!

Please note: This is  a printable PDF.



The Arabingo Game consists of 11 page of A4 size printable PDF:

  • 2 Pages of instructions and other suggested activities
  • 3 Arabingo board cards
  • 5 pages of the 75 sentence cards
  • 1 page of the covering cards (to print 3 copies)


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