لُغَةُ القُرانِ Leve 1, Unit 3: Yusuf and his mother at the market.


This time Yusuf is at the market shopping with his mother to teach you some of the fruits and vegetables mentioned in the Quran. You will also learn how to say in Arabic that is in both masculine and feminine forms as well as asking questions using the question word who.

This unit consists of a number of worksheets. It starts of with a picture of Yusuf and his mother in the market shopping to demonstrate the meaning of the new vocabulary and grammar, followed by  a worksheet to check comprehension. The third worksheet introduces the usage of the question word who using the vocabulary on the previous pages to help you learn Arabic in a step by step manner followed by more reading and understanding practice.

So how will this unit help you understand the Quran? Well, once again, a list of verses from the Quran are provided to encourage understanding and to invite Quranic referencing, searching and contemplation. If you are not eating some of the foods mentioned in this unit maybe you will start after knowing that they are mentioned in the Quran!

PLEASE NOTE: This is  a printable PDF and the language structure in this unit builds upon the language structure in the previous units,

لُغَةُ القُرانِ Leve 1, Unit 1: Yusuf and his family and لُغَةُ القُرانِ Leve 1, Unit 2: I love my family. Therefore, you need to learn the previous units in order to benefit.



This unit consists of 8 pages of A4 size printable PDF:

  • A cover page for the unit
  • 2 pages for reading and understanding
  • 2 worksheets
  • 1 sheet with the Quranic ayaat referencing the new vocabulary
  • A summary of the grammar and the new vocabulary learnt with English translation
  • The answer key for the worksheets.


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