Arabic Handwriting Activity Book


Learn how to write Arabic with this black and white PDF file format, printer friendly Arabic Handwriting Book that provides you with plenty of opportunities for colouring and practicing handwriting Arabic letters and words with the vowels.

The Arabic Handwriting Book is for the native and non-native speakers to practice writing the Arabic alphabet and recognise Arabic letters within Arabic words. The letters are written as they stand, in the beginning of the word, in the middle and at the end to help you recognise them within words.

Activities include: Arabic letter recognition, various colouring activities, tracing letters and words, opportunities for reading Arabic words, matching Arabic letters to words, breaking up Arabic words to their original letters and joining letters to construct words as well as searching for the missing letter in a word and writing it in the word. Meaningful Arabic vocabulary is used throughout the book to help you to understand. Activities are presented in a variety of ways to keep your child’s engagement and interest going with plenty of handwriting practice opportunities. The instructions for the activities are written in English to make you comfortable using the Arabic Handwriting Book as an effective teaching resource.

Please note: This is  a printable PDF file.




1 black and white printable pdf file containing 32 A4 size pages.

This Arabic resource can be used as a whole book or printed as individual Arabic worksheets.

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