Baitul Huroof


We are sure your child will enjoy using this unique Montessori inspired Arabic letter recognition pack, a printable PDF file.. Baitul Huroof  has the words and letters in different colours effectively to engage the learner for as long as possible. The red letters help to remember them easily, while the answer cards encourages self assessment.

Baitul Huroof enables the recognition of individual Arabic letters as they stand, the different shapes of the letters at the beginning, middle and at the end of the word, within words and helps reading. It is a versatile activity pack.

Please note: This is  a printable PDF file.





A 15 page printable PDF A4 size consisting of:

  • Different shaped letters (3 pages)
  • Individual letters (2 pages)
  • Words containing the letters (2 pages)
  • The actual house (bait) of the letters (huroof) (1 page)
  • Answer cards (7 pages)


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