Vowelled Arabic Letters flash cards


These unique, bright, colourful arabic flash cards, a printable PDF file, are so versatile that we have included in the instructions a list of activities using them to help you or your child learn to recognise the arabic alphabet with the different arabic vowels.

What makes these flash cards so special?

  • The entire Arabic alphabet with all the vowels are in red to aid memory and recognition.
  • The cards are bright and colourful making them perfect for captivating the learner’s attention and keeping them focused on visualising and learning the letters with the vowels.
  • Even the long letters (medd) with the vowels are included.
  • The cards are designed to help the learner  focus on an arabic letter or a vowel at a time.
  • The quality of the content and the organisation has been taken into account.

The cards contain all the 28 letters of the Arabic alphabet. Each letter has 7 cards containing the letter in black and all the short and long (medd) vowels in red so the learner can focus on the sound of the letter with that particular vowel.

We recommend using these cards along side with our other Let’s learn to read arabic products.

Please note: This is  a printable PDF file.



48 pages printable PDF A4 size making a total of 196 cards.


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