Juzz Amma Sura Names and Meanings Sorter


Connect your child with the Quran directly with this hand on activity. Print, laminate and cut out the names of the Suras of Juzz Amma in Arabic and their English meanings. Then ask your child to connect them in order of the appearance in the Quran. Therefore, they would need to reference the Quran itself in order to find out the order of the suras. Or make it more challenging by asking them to put the names in order first and then use the Quran to check their work. The Sura names are in colourful illustrations to ensure eye attraction.  The cards are designed in rocket like connector shapes to ensure learning Quranic Arabic in an enjoyable manner.

With this activity, the child can also match the names of the Sura in Arabic with its English meaning. Again, the child can use the Quran to check their work.



This is digital printable product consisting of the names of the suras in Juzz Amma and their English meanings.

This products is 1 PDF file of 10 A4 Pages.

Gardens of Arabic Quality:

  • Large font with all the Arabic vowels on the names of the Suras
  • Attractive, colorful, child friendly cards
  • Quranic Arabic Font is used to help further connection with the Quran
  • Large, clear English names.


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