My Quranic Arabic Book of Pronouns


The first of its kind! A printable reading book for children (and adults) that uses 100% Quranic vocabulary in everyday meaningful sentences to help you and your child connect directly with the Quran.

Arabic pronouns are re-curring sight words in the Quran. They have been combined with other carefully selected Quranic vocabulary and turned into purposeful sentences that can be used in everyday conversations.

The sentences are placed in a particular order in the book to help the correct usage of the language structure.  Under each sentence is the Quranic reference in which the words appear. The Quranic reference have also been carefully selected to invite your child to ponder over and discuss paradise, one of the prophet’s stories or aqeeda (belief) or another topic which your child can relate to. The aim of this is for your child to have a positive and happy experience in connecting with the Quran. Above each sentence is a vibrant engaging picture, hand-drawn, tailored to convey the meaning of the sentence which aids visualization and consequently understanding. At the back of the book is an English translation of all the words.

Some words are repeated throughout the book in different sentences to help your child be fluent in reading it and in remembering its meaning. As a home educating family ourselves, we understand the importance of making the printer ink last. Therefore, the book is designed to be printer friendly.

Large clear Arabic text with the harakat (vowels) on all the letters. With lots of reading practice, your child will understand the sight words and pick up speed in reading them as well as recognizing these words in the Quran.




This is  a printable PDF file  consisting of 24  colour pages, size A4.

Learning objectives:

 To integrate Quranic sight words at home and school to naturally instill a direct connection with the Quran.

To enable your child to become fluent in reading sight words in the Quran in a meaningful, enjoyable way.

To use the re-curing sight words (the pronouns) in the Quran in meaningful and purposeful sentences that can be re-used in everyday conversations.

Making learning Quranic vocabulary fun and enjoyable by avoiding learning Quranic vocabulary lists.

All the vocabulary in this book are 100% Quranic vocabulary to ensure your child gets the full benefits.

Our aim is to help you and your children connect directly with the Quran.

So buy and enjoy!




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