My Quranic Arabic Book of Pronouns Resources


This is a DIGITAL DOWNLOAD educational resource consisting of 7 worksheets and 37 clip it cards. It is suitable for children 8+.

The worksheets and cards are designed to re-enforce your child’s knowledge of the language structure in My Quranic Book of Pronouns reading book. An English translation of the vocabulary on these worksheets and cards are covered in the My Quranic Book of Pronouns. So your child would need to have the reading book at hand. The aim of these resources:

  1. Improve your child’s reading and writing proficiency
  2. Improve memorization, understanding and usage of some of the frequently occurring words in the Quran.
  3. Understand the difference between feminine and masculine Arabic nouns.

The Worksheets

Re-enforce what your child has read in the My Quranic Book of Pronouns with these activity worksheets. They have a number of activities: writing, matching, colouring, filling the gaps and making sentences. All with the aim of using some of the re-occurring words in the Quran to help your child recall their spelling and understanding as well as be able to use them.

The activities in these worksheet are designed to encourage your child to look into the language structure of My Quranic Book of Pronouns in more detail by looking for plurals or how and when different pronouns are used.

The activities are all in black and white to give your child the opportunity to colour the pictures as they wish, as well as to be kind on your printer ink.

The Clip it cards

Your child will enjoy learning about feminine and masculine Arabic nouns as well as demonstrative pronouns in a fun and interactive manner with these clip it cards. To clip the correct picture, your child focuses on reading the word and  works out if it is feminine or masculine. With the pronoun clip it cards your child will  work out which pronoun to be used for the sentence at hand by reading the language structure in the My Quranic Book of Pronouns, then clipping the correct pronoun.

The Lesson Plans

There are 7 pages of lesson plans and teaching ideas showing you how to take your child through the My Quranic Arabic Book of Pronouns in an inquisitive manner making the most of the language structure used. All lesson plans include the aims and objectives of the lesson and step by step instructions on how to use the resources at hand.



My Quranic Arabic Book of Pronouns Resources is an addition to My Quranic Book of Pronouns reader and has three sections to it, all in one printable PDF file containing:

1) 4 pages of A4 Lesson plan, 3 A4 pages of instructions

2) 7 A4 pages of Activity worksheets

3) 3 A4 pages containing 37 Clip it cards


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