My Quranic Book of Pronouns Pack


Why not make Quranic Arabic vocabulary meaningful with this pack of Quranic Arabic resources. All words are placed in meaningful sentences for everyday use.  In some cases the same words are arranged differently in different meaningful sentences to teach your students different sentence structures naturally without much effort.

This pack consists of a reader book to initiate discussion and familiarize your students with the language structure and vocabulary. On each page of the reader book is a Quranic reference where the vocabulary can be found to help you and your students recall the meaning within the Quranic verse context and have  a direct connection with the Quran.

The resource pack is to re-enforce the language structure in the reader in a fun, interactive manner. Each activity focuses on one concept. The worksheets focus on writing and sentence making while the cards focus on the correct usage of the grammar via reading and deduction.

For more details about each resource please read My Quranic Book of Pronouns and My Quranic Book of Pronouns Resources.



A description of this product:

This PDF printable product consists of 2 files. Please read about each individual resource on their own page:

My Quranic Arabic Book of Pronouns reader, 1 PDF file.

My Quranic Book of Pronouns Resources, 1 PDF file.

What makes this product stand out:

  • Large font with all the Arabic vowels on the words
  • Attractive, colourful illustrations
  • Large spaces between the words
  • Quranic references provided for most of the words used


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