لُغَةُ القُرانِ Level 1, Unit 1: Yusuf and his family


In this unit Yusuf, the main character running through out the curriculum introduces his family members and his friend Musa. Most of the characters are names mentioned int the Quran. Then Yusuf is asked who these people are to which he answers in full sentences. Practice introducing your family members using the 7 vocabulary introduced in this unit in the first person and learn how to ask “Who is this” in Arabic.

Towards the end of the unit are ayaat from the Quran with the vocabulary learnt  in red to check understanding and to invite Quranic referencing, searching and contemplation.

We strongly beleive in complete exposure to Arabic in order to leanr Arabic, therefore, the unit is entirely in Arabic with the main vocabulary translated in English at the beginning of the unit and all the vocabulary and grammar used summarised at the end of the unit.


Pre-requisit: Must be able to read Arabic.



One PDF containing  6 A4 pages of colourful printable PDF and 1 page answer key.


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