Rain in the Quran Bundle of Activities


Use these resources when you study the water cycle. Connect your secular education with the Quran. What does Allah say about rain in the Quran and what effect does it have? What does Allah invite us to do? We have carefully selected a verse of the Quran, Suratul An’am verse 99, which talks about rain. In this bundle there are 6 files full  of interactive activities plus lesson plans:

  1. Rain in the Quran Ayaah and meaning: Word for word translation of  ayaah 99 of Suratul A’nam which can be used as a poster. Then the ayaah is split to different phrases and a detailed English tafsir of the phrases are provided for the teacher’s reference or for the learner if they are older. It also has questions to help the contemplation of the ayaah. The tafsir of the ayaa is concluded with reference  to the resources used to gather the tafsir. This is the main language structure needed to do the other activities in the bundle. All the other activities in this bundle to help understand and memorize this verse about the rain.
  2. Rain in the Quran Ayaah Phrase cards: Suratul An’am verse 99 is made up of 9 phrases all connected together logically. These phrases are on individual cards in Arabic along with their English translation on other card strips. Place the Arabic phrases of the ayaah in order and then match the English meaning to them. Then use the ayaah in the actual Quran to check work. They are excellent strips to encourage reading and arranging in order according to understanding.
  3. Rain in the Quran Ayaah 3 way Vocabulary cards: 47 Arabic vocabulary cards with their 47 English meaning Word for word translation of the ayaah cards. Match the English to the Arabic words of the ayaah. The Arabic vocabulary cards can also be used as extra reading. Another activity here is to place the Arabic vocabulary in the order of the ayaah in the Quran and using the Quran itself to check work done.
  4. Rain in the Quran Ayaah worksheets: 5 different activities revolving around the words and phrases in the ayaah, all in the aim to help retain and use the Quranic Arabic vocabulary with understanding. It  includes: arranging the vocabulary of the ayaah in the correct order, crossword, phrases of the ayaah to be numbered in the correct order and different phrases using the same vocabulary as a matching exercise to make different sentences and copy work.
  5. Rain in the Quran Reader: A reading book using the vocabulary in the ayaah to help retain the language structure in memory as well as to aid further understanding . The vocabulary of the ayaa along with other vocabulary (the translation of which is provided in this reader book) are arranged in different sentence structures to explain ayaah 99 of Suratul Anam. Read the phrases and use the illustrations for discussion. Why not make reading this book fun by reading and discussing its content in the rain.
  6. Rain in the Quran Reader Sentence Strips: 8 sentence strips using the phrases of the ayaah as well those in the reader to further instill the Quranic Arabic in memory with understanding. Match the phrases to their illustrations which represents their meanings. Read each sentence, match it to the picture provided and then put the sentences in order. Use the reader book or the ayaah in the Quran to check work. By this stage, the learner has memorised the ayaa, its meaning and have gained some knowledge of how to use the vocabulary at hand in proper language structure.
  7. Lesson Plans: suggested lesson plans on how to use the bundle are included.
  8. READ ME file: to explain what is in the bundle.


The Rain in the Quran Bundle consists of 8 separate DIGITAL printable PDF files:

  1. Rain in the Quran Ayaah and meaning, 8 A4 pages
  2. Rain in the Quran Ayaah Phrase cards, 3 A4 pages
  3. Rain in the Quran Ayaah 3 way Vocabulary cards, 94 cards of the vocabulary of the ayaah.
  4. Rain in the Quran Ayaah worksheets, 6 A4 pages
  5. Rain in the Quran Reader, 11 A4 pages of 22 A5 pages reader book
  6. Rain in the Quran Reader Sentence Strips, 3 A4 pages
  7. Rain in the Quran Lesson Plans
  8. Rain in the Quran READ ME

Learning Objectives:

To connect your learner directly with the Quran by studying a secular topic (the water cycle) and connecting it with the Quran.

To have a deep understanding of the verse about the rain and its effect, and help your learner to contemplate the creation of Allah.

To equip your learner with as many Quranic vocabulary as possible hence this ayaah was chosen from many in the Quran about what the Quran describes as “blessed water”.

To use the vocabulary in the ayaah in a different context to help retain the meaning and understanding of the ayaah as well as identify the same vocabulary in other verses in the Quran.

 Key features of these resources:

  • Large, clear, easy to read Arabic font.
  • Quranic font used to help further connection with the Quran.
  • Large space  between the words and the lines.
  • English translation is provided of the language used.
  • Attractive, colourful and engaging illustrations are used to further re-enforce the meaning of the language structure used and help visualization.
  • To help retain and identify the Quranic vocabulary elsewhere in the Quran, the vocabulary is placed in different contexts.

Our aim is to help you and your children connect directly with the Quran.

So buy and enjoy!



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