Read and Write Arabic Resource Pack


Read and write arabic resource pack in a montessori style, a printable PDF. Arabic Vowelled Letters flash cards, montessori Baitul Huroof activity pack, the unique Steps to Arabic reading scheme and the Arabic handwriting activity book is what you need to learn to read and write arabic.

Arabic Vowelled Letters flash cards

These unique, bright, colourful arabic flash cards are so versatile that we have included in the instructions a list of activities using them to help you or your child learn to recognise the arabic alphabet with the different arabic vowels.

The cards contain all the 28 letters of the Arabic alphabet. Each letter has 7 cards containing the letter in black and all the short and long (medd) vowels in red so the learner can focus on the sound of the letter with that particular vowel.

Montessori Baitul Huroof activity pack

We are sure your child will enjoy using this unique Montessori inspired Arabic letter recognition pack. Baitul Huroof  has the words and letters in different colours effectively to engage the learner for as long as possible. The red letters help to remember them easily, while the answer cards encourages self assessment.

Baitul Huroof enables the recognition of individual Arabic letters as they stand, the different shapes of the letters at the beginning, middle and at the end of the word, within words and helps reading. It is a versatile activity pack.

It contains cards of all the arabic letters in their different forms, in the beginning of the word, the middle, in the end and the letter as it stands on its own. Furthermore, each letter has cards with words containing it. The Learner picks a card containing a letter as it stands on its own and places it on th roof of the house (Bait). Then slot in the windows the cards containing the same letter but as it is in th4 beginning of the word, in the middle and in the end. On the gate of the bait, place the word cards containing the same letter. Then using the answer cards, check your wok.

It is a versatile activity for letter recognintion and reading individual words.

Steps to Arabic reading scheme

Once the learner recognises the letters with vowels and their different shapes, it is time then to learn to read with this step-by-step approach which focuses on building the learner’s confidence in reading Arabic with each step they take.

Steps to Arabic starts off with the fetha vowel in a particular combination of letters so that a word is formed. Hence the learner learns to read the letters and words. Most of the words used in the scheme are Quranic words. Once all the letters have been learnt with the fetha vowel, a different colour scheme used for the kesrah. The focus is then on words with fetha and kesrah.  It then moves onto the dhama and so on. It breaks the rest of the vowels into manageable sections, to prevent boredom. There are 5 stages for each vowel giving the learner plenty of practice to help them to read Arabic fluently.

The scheme is colour coded in such a way that the learner can clearly see how much progress they have made, where they are overall, and how much more to go. Using the card format makes it more enjoyable and fun in completing each section.

Arabic Handwriting Activity Book

Learn how to write Arabic with this black and white, printer friendly Arabic Handwriting Book that provides you with plenty of opportunities for colouring and practicing handwriting Arabic letters and words with the vowels.

The Arabic Handwriting Activity Book is to practice writing the Arabic alphabet and recognise Arabic letters within Arabic words. The letters are written as they stand, in the beginning of the word, in the middle and at the end to help you recognise them within words.

Activities include: Arabic letter recognition, various colouring activities, tracing letters and words, opportunities for reading Arabic words, matching Arabic letters to words, breaking up Arabic words to their original letters and joining letters to construct words as well as searching for the missing letter in a word and writing it in the word.

Meaningful Arabic vocabulary is used throughout the book to help you to understand. Activities are presented in a variety of ways to keep your child’s engagement and interest going with plenty of handwriting practice opportunities. The instructions for the activities are written in English to make you comfortable using the Arabic Handwriting Activity Book as an effective teaching resource.

Please note: all the resources are printable PDF files.




Arabic Vowelled Letters Flashcards: 48 pages printable PDF A4 size making a total of 196 cards.

Baitul Huroof: A 15 page printable PDF A4 size consisting of:

  • Different shaped letters (3 pages)
  • Individual letters (2 pages)
  • Words containing the letters (2 pages)
  • The actual house (bait) of the letters (huroof) (1 page)
  • Answer cards (7 pages)

Steps to Arabic: A 40 pages of printable  A4 PDF file and a seperate instruction PDF file.

Arabic Handwriting Activity Book: 1 black and white printable pdf file containing 22 A4 size pages.




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