Steps to Arabic Reading Scheme


Learn how to read with this fun and colourful reading scheme in the form of cards, a printable PDF file. It uses a step-by-step approach and focuses on building the learner’s confidence in reading Arabic with each step they take.

Steps to Arabic starts off with the fetha vowel in a particular combination of letters so that a word is formed. Hence the learner learns the letters and words. Most of the words used in the scheme are Quranic words. Once all the letters have been learnt with the fetha vowel, a different colour scheme used for the kesrah. The focus is then on words with fetha and kesrah.  It then moves onto the dhama and so on. It breaks the rest of the vowels into manageable sections, to prevent boredom. There are 5 stages for each vowel giving the learner plenty of practice to help them to read Arabic fluently.

The scheme is colour coded in such a way that the learner can clearly see how much progress they have made, where they are overall, and how much more to go. Using the card format makes it more enjoyable and fun in completing each section.

We recommend using these cards along side with our other Let’s learn to read arabic products.

Please note: This is  a printable PDF file.



  • 40 pages of printable  A4 PDF file
  • Instructions


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