Razina Karim, Principal, Date Valley School, Mitcham, UK

At Date Valley School, Mitcham, we have been using the ‘Steps to Arabic’ reading scheme for over 8 years now. The cards are child friendly and our children enjoy using them. The structure of the scheme has helped bring the reading level up. Nothing else in the Arabic market allows children to learn to read in a child friendly way that work really well together. My son is really enjoying learning how to read.

Fatima, Gambia

Assalamu alaikum

Arabic is a beautiful language and we should learn that language what makes us something special in society and around the world. As your teaching methods are very friendly and easily approachable and make people to learn Arabic in easy way and you focused on speaking us and making sun learning experience in this mini course. May Allah bless you and your family and reward you for your teaching. As you are an amazing and brilliant teacher I ever had.