Huda, UK

Asalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh, it was lovely to do the course, you have a lot of patience and i really lik the fact that there is a lot of engagement within the lesson, the use of imaginary and only speaking Arabic really helps. Alhamdulliah I can barely read Arabic and you still made an effort and now I am able to catch onto some phrases. May Allah reward you for your efforts. I fully recommend.

Asma, UK

The teacher is excellent and very encouraging. The vocabulary is presented in a fun and engaging manner and the lessons are very interactive.  Jazakallah khayran for all your support and time in helping us learn. You’ve created a wonderful course. May Allah reward you immensely, ameen.

Madeeha, UK

I really like the fact that I am constantly speaking Arabic and I definitely feel as if I am progressing alhamdulilllah. At first I was unsure whether this course would be beneficial for me but with time I have realised that I have picked up so many Arabic skills doing this course. While progressing I have also started to enjoy learning and speaking the Arabic language so often, which helps my fluency. Ms Hana is a very patient and kind teacher who is constantly interacting with us and giving us plenty of opportunities to perfect our speaking, reading, writing as well as listening. I appreciate her teaching technique as it is very fun and productive. Jazakhillahukhairan!