Who we are

About us

After teaching Arabic in a private muslim school in London, I saw the need to revolutionise the way Arabic is taught and the resources used. This is when Gardens of Arabic was born. In order for you to learn Arabic, the learning process must be fun. Thus, we initially developed the fun, colourful, bite size reading scheme called Steps to Arabic. Then moved onto developing Montessori style arabic language learning resources for all ages which are avaliable in our shop.

Now we provide interactive, fun, practical online arabic lessons, in both forms, one-to-one-basis and in group settings. All from the comfort of your home!

Our aim is to provide Montessori-style practical Arabic teaching resources to facilitate learning Arabic in a fun and enjoyable manner as well as providing online practical arabic lessons and courses. Our dream is to provide Arabic resources to aid the understanding of the Quran.

Our goals

  1. To make learning Arabic enjoyable.
  2. To provide practical arabic resources that support children’s and adult’s learning.
  3. To use Quranic vocabulary as much as possible throughout our products
  4. To provide practical enjoyable online Arabic lessons.